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Log in No account? Create an account. Remember me. Facebook Twitter Google. Previous Share Next. I'm kinda surprised that I haven't seen anyone mention the Chronicles of Blood and Stone by Robert Newcomb on this journal. By skimming, I mean I read the first sentence of every paragraph, or skipped everything but dialog. There is a lot of exposition at the beginning of this book, and thus very little action. Mar 06, Ylianna rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Biblioghiles of fiction. Shelves: possiable-rereading. Prologue, 6 Parts, and an epiloge; pages.

I shall forsake not, to the loss of all material thhings, my honor and integrity. I shall protect the Paragon above all else, but take no life except in urgent defense of self and other, or without fair warn The Fifth Sorceress Volume 1 of The Chronicals of Blood and Stone Wonderful story of magic, sorccery, wizardry, and adventure some I shall protect the Paragon above all else, but take no life except in urgent defense of self and other, or without fair warning. I swear to rule always with wisdom and compassion.

First thing said in the book before the prologue So far, so good Pretty well written, never boring Wheel of Time- I can't make it past Crossroads of Twilight. Anyway, enjoy, fellow nerds! Jan 03, Christian Freed rated it liked it. The first three of these books were all right, but the sheer level of slaughter got a bit much- even for me. I don't appreciate senseless violence and wholesale slaughter of tens of thousands in each book. But the writing was engaging and I enjoyed the storyline.

This is the best example of a good fantasy idea going absolutely wrong. I want to first talk about the positive things. The story was at times interesting and some level of epicness was achieved. I felt no sympathy for any of the characters. The whole plot was ridiculous to the point of where I wanted to cry.

Everything was always so damn overwhelming and just over the top. The characters spend hours crying. The story is often very gory and cruel, seemingly without Erm.. The story is often very gory and cruel, seemingly without much effect. Yes, there is the endless crying but the abhorrent scenes are too many, I felt numb from I. Also some scenes showed no emotional output that seems realistic despite all the crying.

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This was just too much of everything. You cannot cramp so much into one fantasy story. I got so sick of all the "there is no end to the torment" there sure was not and all the stupid wizard talk " he still has so much to learn..

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But there is no time.. But his blood is the purest" oh god! Sometimes I felt sick with all that racial discrimination talk and what not. Too much really.

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  6. Did I mention all the senseless crying? Too much.

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    Jan 13, Chad Lynch rated it really liked it. I just finished this book a few minutes ago. This is a fun story with alot of unexpected turns throughout the entire book. Great writing and well developed characters. The story line was new and inventive and definitely kept me interested in reading the entire book. NOW, that being said, I would have made this into two books instead of one. It took me four months to read and I nearly didn't finish it. I love reading but this book is thick and the story does have a few moments where the I just finished this book a few minutes ago.

    I love reading but this book is thick and the story does have a few moments where the story gets to detailed and slows down somewhat.

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    I actaully had to stop and read another book to take a breather. I did however enjoy this book and will recommend it to others but I also could have done without the sexual descriptions and the multiple rapes of the eutracian queen. I will however read the other books in this series because I really liked the story and the characters that Robert Newcomb invented. Aug 08, Brendan rated it did not like it. I was very excited to start up an epic fantasy series from a new author when I picked up this book. The prologue was a great hook. And then for the rest of the book I kept feeling like I was waiting for it to really start.

    The magic is not explored in nearly enough detail. It consistently felt like everything interesting was either glossed over or left to be explained in later books.

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    It also consistently flirted with trying to be risque or adult and then managed to chicken out every time. Combin I was very excited to start up an epic fantasy series from a new author when I picked up this book. Combined with an unfulfilling ending makes this not one I would recommend.

    Sep 10, Amir rated it really liked it. I liked it. I've seen a lot of other reviewers on here give it a bad review but I saw something different. Of course it's not a perfect story, but I thought it was good. The characters were interesting and the story held my attention. I wanted to keep reading.

    Yes, Tristan seems dumb as a box of rocks at first but he needs time to grow and evolve as the story takes place. He's a typical spoiled royal.

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    So just keep that in mind. Aug 08, Liz rated it did not like it Shelves: dropped , fantasy , utter-crap. I can't say anything good about this book except that it makes Goodkind, mentioned in lots of comparisons, look like a literary genius. There is so much bad that listing all the terrible things would take too long so I'll jut say that "everything" is awful. Jun 18, Jennifer rated it it was amazing. This is such a great read! Reading this book for the first time was simply thrilling. I have never read a book by an author that wrote such graphic scenes.

    He brings the world to life in this book. Dec 26, Joshua rated it did not like it. This remains one of the only books I have started and never finished, and not for lack of trying.

    Robert Newcomb - Wikipedia

    I kept attempting to come back and finish it, to more and more painful results. Largely reads like a second draft written by an overzealous but not overly intelligent 17 year old. Jul 19, Josh rated it did not like it. This book as horribly conceived in both premise and characterization. A pre-adolescent boy may enjoy this book, but anyone with any kind of rational thought probably won't. Misogynistic in 1st chapt, couldn't go on.

    Jan 07, Colin Price rated it did not like it Shelves: fantasy. Truly terrible. This book embodies every horrid cliche of epic fantasy ever conceived. Sep 25, Megan rated it did not like it Shelves: why-did-i-do-this-to-myself. I'm one of those contrary bastards who insists on reading something myself before I say that it sucks because "hey, maybe I'll like it. So when I heard about how legendarily bad this book was supposed to be I had to find a copy and see for myself. I learned a valuable lesson from doing this: I was wrong. This book was unbelievably, almost unreadably bad. It was pages of "keep going and you'll get to the end eventually.

    The plot itself can be summed up as "Men good, women bad. Men are good. Women are bad. That is that. Unless you're one of the unlucky female exceptions whose plot role, 3 for 3, is to be gang raped and die so the hero can angst over you. The characters were parodies of actual human beings, with the exception of the dwarf, and the hero on those rare occasions where he was kept a minimum of miles from the nearest vagina. I didn't care what happened to any of these people because they were impossible to get attached to. The violence inflicted was so over the top that I found myself laughing out loud instead of shuddering from horror.

    And the monologues, dear God the monologues.

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    8. Nothing is figured out in this book, it is explained. At length. Characters will monologue at the drop of a hat: to each other, to their enemies, even to themselves in one memorable scene a woman sits in her carriage and just thinks about the detailed, villainous plan The magic system is never explained or given any rules, since that would ruin the astounding number of ass pulls required to save the day. It can do stuff 'n things, and that's all we know. I haven't even touched on the author's astounding biphobia in one scene our hero is legitimately more horrified by his twin kissing another woman than he was by her reaching for his schlong three sentences earlier or the no less than four instances in which characters knowledgeably discuss something and then ask what it is two pages later.

      But as Cletus says in The Simpsons Movie, "I simply cain't," In summary, if you've gotten this far: This book sucks, and anyone who gets all the way to the end deserves a round of applause and a fifth of whiskey. Don't make the same mistake I did, kids. Don't read this book. May 20, Rachel Crofts rated it did not like it. Couldn't finish this! Preferring the irresponsibilities of life as a prince in waiting, his coronation draws uncomfortably near.

      But his fate is sealed when his kingdom is assailed by a monstrous army, misshapen slaves of the long-banished, vengeance-seeking Sorceresses from across the Sea of Whispers. Together with his tutor, guide and adviser, the wizard Wigg, Tristan must cross this uncrossable sea and face the sorceresses in their lair - for they have taken his twin sister captive and stolen the magic of Eutracia for their own vile purposes.