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  1. Faithful Workers in the Lord's Vineyard | EWTN
  2. Labouring together in the Lords Vineyard
  3. 'The lord of the vineyard'
  4. "Glorifying Our King, Jesus Christ"

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Want more information about Bible Gateway Plus? You know the song we sing during these holidays. The stone rejected by the builders was chosen by God to strengthen the corners in the topmost part of the building. The builders did not see the value of the stone. The tenants did not listen to the messages of the owner of the vineyard. You, leaders of Israel, are like them: blind and deaf. When the prophets came, you beat them and persecuted them, and even ridiculed them.

John came and you silenced him, until finally, you had him beheaded.

And now…. Priest: Did you hear him?!

Faithful Workers in the Lord's Vineyard | EWTN

He says he is the son of God! The priests rushed toward us, screaming like mad. With stones they picked up in the street, they began to hurl them at Jesus, who was covered by the crowd as it retaliated against the Sanhedrin leaders and members. Stones rained on all sides. It was a moment of great confusion.

Finally, we were able to mingle with the swarm of foreigners who were beginning to engulf the streets, and left the city. Inside its walls, in the Street of Doves beside the Temple, the old zither player with the white beard continued with his song….. It is one of the major literary texts in the entire Old Testament. Grape planting, which is typical of Palestine and the neighboring countries along the Mediterranean Sea, demands special care. Isaiah speaks of this special care in his poem. The clearing of the land, the construction of the watchtower and the winepress, etc.

Aside from the official singers and musicians serving in the Temple of Jerusalem, from the religious class Levites , experts in various instruments flute, harp, drum, trumpet, etc. Even to this day, this group still exists in many towns and villages. The songs and poems eventually become the collective memory of the people.

Labouring together in the Lords Vineyard

Through these verses, they transmit from one generation to another the life and sentiments of the people. Before these were written, a number of great literary works in the ancient times were sung and orally transmitted by roving minstrels. God is the owner of the vineyard, which is Israel. The messengers send by the master to collect the fruits of the harvest are the prophets. Jesus is the son of the owner. The tenants who rejected the messengers are the religious leaders of Israel, who seek to defend their sole interests, under the guise of false fidelity to religion.

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  • Labouring together in the Lords Vineyard.
  • The Parable of the Vineyard: Judgment and Condemnation by the Lord of the Vineyard.

In order to attain this, they vilify, defame and even murder the prophets who expose their misbehavior. Jesus often stressed the difficult mission that the messengers of the Kingdom had to face. He warned them of doors being shut in their faces, of their being accused as heretics, of their being charged in tribunals, and their being killed. This had been the fate of the ancient prophets, and will continue to be so for the artisans of justice of the Kingdom.

'The lord of the vineyard'

Not all persons vilified and persecuted are prophets, but all true prophets are always vilified and persecuted. Up to this day, the prophets are still being persecuted, tortured and murdered. This parable speaks of the inconceivable patience of God, which is due to end. They will be the heirs of the vineyard.

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  • Matthew Therefore, when the owner of the vineyard returns, what will he do to those tenants?".

The religious leaders of Israel have been unjust, have oppressed the handicapped, resorted to violence, and monopolized the harvest… So the Lord had to decide: the leaders are out and the heirs shall be the poor. In talking about the stone chosen by God to become the cornerstone of the building, Jesus makes reference to some verses of the solemn psalm of the Passover Ps The psalm tells us how God is able to change things: the stone rejected by the builders is given the most important place by God.

Jesus, the poor man, is the cornerstone. The poor are the stones for the building 1 P It is the very essence of the gospel: The last shall be the first, the outcasts shall be the chosen ones. Este sitio usa Akismet para reducir el spam. Este radioclip es de texto y no tiene audio grabado.

"Glorifying Our King, Jesus Christ"

A Man: Now, Israel has her prophet and Messiah! A Woman: Yes, sir! Long live Jesus of Nazareth! All: Long live Jesus! He said:. That gathering is the most important thing taking place on earth today. Nothing else compares in magnitude, nothing else compares in importance, nothing else compares in majesty. And if you choose to, if you want to, you can be a big part of it. You can be a big part of something big, something grand, something majestic! In verses 52 to 68 the Lord of the Vineyard explains the work that will be involved in the gathering or grafting in the branches of the olive tree.