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  1. Colour analysis: How to pinpoint the most flattering colours for you
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If you want to email us the gif files of free coloring pages you have drawn we will add them to our online coloring site. Also please let us know if you have any suggestions as our goal is to be 1 online destination for online coloring. Our goal is to constantly build our pictures to color online and we will be adding new pictures to color every week. Forgot Password? Why should I register. Find Coloring Page:. Music Notes By Susanw. Carl Edwards By Princejagonal.

Juke Ross - Colour Me (Official Lyric Video)

Crayons By livcolor As the world has become smaller, the choices have grown dramatically. Let Color Me Beautiful lend a hand, whether your skin tone is the deepest ebony or the palest olive. You will find our color analysis life-changing. Learn what generations of women have known about this revolutionary approach to make a change of a lifetime. Without you this book would not have been possible.

I would also like to express a special note of appreci- ation to Mr. I want to extend my heartfelt appre- ciation to Lucinda Law for her vision and expertise and to Clare Sokolsky and Shirley Froemming for sharing their thoughts, knowledge, and experience. A special thank you to Mark and Rachael Palmer, my talented pho- tographer and illustrator. The continued enthusiastic sup- port of all of these people made this book happen. S lowly count to seven: one one thousand.

Within seven seconds of meet- ing you, perfect strangers will make decisions that may have an enormous impact on your life. Are you someone they want to work with? Someone who can be trusted? Are you friend material? Should they buy your product? Color Me Beautiful wants the first impression you make to be your best. Help each new person to decide yes. Yes, they want to hire you! Yes, he wants to date you! Yes, she does want to get to know you! With this un- derstanding in place, you will determine your best palette, based on your hair color, skin tone, and eye color.

After reading this book you will know which colors to wear, 2 color me beautiful This guidebook will help you to turn the answers to these questions around. If you follow the Color Me Beautiful color-analysis system, not only will you look years younger, but you will also spend less time shopping because you will only select the colors in your seasonal palette. Plus, you will spend less money because you will like everything that you purchase.

Ease yourself into your new world of color. This is how it happened for a few women. Consider Jo, a classy British woman who turned her life around using the Color Me Beautiful analysis. Weight gain, low self-esteem, and poor color choices had obscured to Jo what the rest of the world saw: a pretty face and a sweet smile. Color Me Beautiful showed Jo the stunning woman who was hiding under the wrong colors.

During her color analysis, Jo was wearing a fuchsia twinset and makeup that matched, which is a cool palette ensemble. By draping warm palette colors on her shoulders and around her face, Jo could immediately see the difference. Her eyes sparkled, and her smile appeared brighter. The fine lines around her eyes seemed to soften and diminish, and her skin tone blended with her new colors.

She left that appointment a changed person. Jo started purchasing clothes in her warm colors. Her pos- ture, smile, and confidence improved with the many compliments she received. A proud mother of three, when she walks into a room she glows!

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The Color Me Beautiful analysis can also help you when choosing your ideal hair color. Take Eileen, a teacher. This very intelligent woman was a recent widow who was afraid of her future. In a rash act, Eileen had re- turned to her hair color of a happier, safer time: her twenties. It looked terrible. After Eileen looked at herself draped in her cool palette colors, she was easily per- suaded that her recent hair color choice was too intense. Eileen looks beautiful and elegant with her corrected hair coloring and best shades of clothing and makeup. And she has started dating again! Anne Marie reported that Color Me Beautiful had solved a simmering family dispute stemming from the fact that she was cool and both her sister and sister-in-law were warm.

As the youngest of the three, she always took their advice at the mall but was later depressed about her purchases, which made her look dull and tired. Her sister and sister-in-law had bullied her into buying tawny tones that looked good on them. After Anne Marie realized what her strengths were as a cool person with dark hair and dark eyes, she was able to resist their warm advice and buy jewel tones. Alice was distressed because her hair was turning sil- ver prematurely.

Colour analysis: How to pinpoint the most flattering colours for you

At only 35, she had no idea what to do about her new head of gray hair. She came for a color analysis asking if she should color it, add red, or get gold highlights. Because she was so young and her brown eyes and silver hair were a striking combination, Color Me Beautiful answered her question quickly and gave her the confidence to stay silver and enjoy it. Read ahead to solve your own color dilemma! In this chapter you will view a diverse group of women from the same office environment.

You will see that every woman, regardless of age, ethnicity, or coloring, can be dramati- cally transformed through the power of color. We went into the the office where this group of women worked and set up our photo shoot. The entire photo shoot was done within a single afternoon session. First the volunteers were dressed in their wrong clothing and makeup colors and photographed. Next the ladies were dressed in their right clothing and makeup colors and under the same lighting photographed a second time. They dressed under hurried conditions just as you would in the morning. And as you can see for yourself the re- sults are—in a word—stunning.

Anyone with this type of bold coloring looks sallow while increasing the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. When made up and dressed in shades from her palette, even in a simple tee, Ira is transformed. Her hair looks shinier; her loveliness radiates for all to see. She also read in a magazine that one of her role models loved the color red, and so she chose it for most of her clothing. Once Judy is taken out of the red and put into the colors of her season—cool pinks and mauves—she is transformed into a picture of sophistication.

She loses years from her ap- pearance, and you can see her eyes sparkling. Although attracted to the pretty color, the blue tones of her blouse were overly cool and draining for her coloring. Surrounded by the light warm greens, Marianne looks her best. Notice how sallow and pale Maiyanna looks in her wrong colors. In the right colors Maiyanna looks as if someone turned on an inner light.

Her skin tone is rich, her smile is lovely, and her eyes are captivating. I n order to determine your season—Winter, Sum- mer, Autumn, or Spring—you first need to identify yourself as either warm or cool. These new concepts are best visualized. I like to think of them in terms of landscape. When you envision the warm palette, think of a desert panorama. Close your eyes and imagine the brown sand, the burnt orange stones, and the green cactus. Also imagine a pale green aloe plant and a tawny jackrabbit hopping across the salmon-toned creek bed. Now gaze upward, and imagine a turquoise sky with a golden or- ange sunset.

In contrast, the term cool should conjure up a visit to the Arctic Circle. Picture the bluish white ice caps of a glacier and a flock of black and white penguins. Look at the soft blue colors of the sky and sea. Can you see the team of gray Huskies sniffing the cranberry bushes?

A sil- ver-gray dusk approaches, then night descends, and the arctic sky turns midnight blue. The first step in determining your color concept is to wrap first gold and then silver drapes around your face and shoulders. You would immediately see whether warm or cool tones looked best on you. The right colors minimize your fine lines and the circles under your eyes. You will soon understand whether your skin tone has gold warm undertones or blue, purple, or red cool ones. She ap- pears tired and her teeth take on a yellowish cast.

Her warm palette salmon lipstick does not blend well with her skin tone, eye color or hair. Furthermore, Mary's gold earrings do not harmo- nize with her skin tone. On right: Mary now looks stunning in her silver top! Being from the cool palette the silver top makes the whites of her eyes clear and bright. Her cool tone pink lipstick and eye shadows all compliment her rose blush and makes Mary look totally harmonious and blended. Mary now com- pleted her total look with gray pearls and silver ear- rings.

She will now turn heads walking into a room. You are either warm or cool. The whole key to the Color Me Beautiful analysis is seeing this warm or cool tone and pulling it together. The goal is to keep it simple and avoid disharmony. Skinny, beautiful, flawless young things on the runway can pull off fuchsia eye shadow and red hair.

We want peo- ple to look at our overall countenance, not our flaws. Stacy looks so healthy in these warm colors! A moss green turtleneck, amber ear- rings, and a brushed gold necklace all accentuate her warm coloring. These warm tones do not blend with the cool fuchsia turtleneck.

Furthermore, notice how the cool blush seems to sit up on her face and does not blend with her warm skin tone. Your Hair In my experience, hair color is the best clue for determining palette. Consider the hair that you have on your head now, not what you had as a child. Warm hair colors have golden and red hues. You are probably warm if you can answer yes to any of the following questions.

Is your hair red? Copper or auburn? Are you a golden blonde? Do you have brown hair with golden highlights or brown hair with a hint of natural red? Are you gold gray? Or do you have dull brown hair, highlighted with blonde or gold? Your Eyes Now look closely at your eyes in a mirror near natu- ral lighting.

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Again, you are looking for warm hues. Do you see gold flecks in your eyes? What about brown flecks? Are your eyes amber brown, red-brown, or olive green? Do your green eyes have brown or gold flecks? Do you have blue eyes that lean toward green? Are they aqua or turquoise? If you have blue eyes, do they have brown flecks? Do you see golden brown eyes with green? Are your eyes dark brown? For our purposes, the skin tone you inherited is your skin tone.

It does not change with a summer suntan or your 60th birthday. To evaluate the coloring of your skin, look closely at not only your face but also the inside of your wrists where your skin is most transparent. Do you see a skin tone best described as peachy or ivory? Is it golden beige to golden bronze? Do you have caramel, latte, maple, or dark coppery beige tones?

Also look for signs of ruddi- ness, where capillaries are close to the skin surface. This condition appears more frequently in warm skin tones. Freckles are also a warm clue. Be forewarned: sallow skin tone is not warm. Any season can be sallow. Sallow skin is an unhealthy, sickly-looking yellow.

Do not mistake sallow for golden, which is a beautiful, healthy tone. When you meet someone who is warm, you will get an overall impression of golden tones. Her hair will have either a golden or red tone to it. A warm skin tone has a fair to golden bronze look. Many Northern Europeans fall into this category. Kristen is a warm person. She is able to accentuate her gorgeous natural golden blonde hair, blue eyes, and fair skin by wearing a gold turtleneck and warm orange lipstick with bronze gloss.

The gold top and gold earrings emphasize their warm golden tones. Her red hair and peachy skin tone with warm brown freckles look gorgeous in these colors. Often Asian, Mediterranean, and Latino people fall into this category. Many Africans, dark- skinned Asians, Caucasians, Latinas, and Native Americans with golden undertones share this skin tone. Golden bronze can be found in Asians, Native Americans, light-skinned Africans, or those of Mediterranean heritage. The dark coppery beige skin tone is found in people with a mixed European and African heritage. Your Hair If you are cool, your hair has no red or gold high- lights.

Cools range from platinum blonde to jet-black. Other cool hair colors include off-black, blue-black, brown, ash brown, and ash blonde. Please note: ash has no gold in it. In addition, your hair may be pearl gray, silver, or salt-and-pepper. Your Eyes Now look at your eyes. Any gray tones you might see place you in the cool palette.

Very dark eyes are also cool; they include deep black, black brown, or charcoal eyes. If you are cool and have blue eyes, they will have white, gray, or only blue tones. If you have any golden tones, you are not cool. I have informed many clients that their eyes, which were blue a decade ago, are not now. The concentration of color in their iris has weakened and taken on a gray tone. Your Skin Tone Cool skin tones can be confusing because of suntans, which appear golden, and olive skin, which also appears golden but actually has rose or blue or green undertones.

Also, any season can have sallow skin tone, which has a yellow tone, or a ruddy complexion. With these caveats in mind, what is your skin tone? Look at your wrist where your skin is the most transpar- ent. Are your veins blue? Blue veins indicate cool skin, which has a little blue pigment in it. Do you have blue or cool red undertones? Are you porcelain white? Are your freckles rosy or charcoal gray? Black, olive, and beige skin tones can all be cool if they have blue, red, or pink undertones.

The overall cool impression is rosy or silvery tones. The hair of a cool person has no golden or red tone to it. Her brown will be ash, but her hair can be any shade from ash blonde to jet-black. Cool eyes have no warm tones to them. If they are in the brown family, they are deep brown. They may also be a cool hazel, brown with green or blue; otherwise they are an icy shade of green, blue, or gray.

Cool skin will have a pink, blue, or red undertone but can be any shade from pale beige to ebony black. Livia has absolutely no red or gold highlights in her nat- ural dark black hair. Her dark brown eyes, dark hair, and cool olive skin tone are in harmony. The whites of her eyes are very clear and bright, and the dark plum lipstick, silver top, and silver necklace and earrings cre- ate a total cool look. Notice that there are no gold tones in her hair. Her eyes are a cool gray green, and she has a beige skin tone. These facts mean that she can only be a cool palette person. Many people of Irish ancestry have this very delicate skin.

It is a very common Caucasian skin tone. Many people of Asian, Latin, and Mediterranean descent have olive skin. It is a skin tone shared by Africans and Native Americans. It can be found among those of African and Native American descent. It is almost black. When Marian met her husband, he had brown hair with natural red tones and warm golden beige, lightly freckled skin. Twenty-six years later, he had changed from a warm to a cool person. Needless to say, Marian has enjoyed purchasing him a new wardrobe and hiding those old gold-and- tortoise shell glasses! You have identified yourself as either warm or cool.

Color Me Sad: Crayola Retires 'Dandelion' Crayon

Warm people are either Springs or Autumns, and cool people are Summers or Winters. Winters are the lucky season and do not have to chemically enhance their hair. These black tones include jet- black, brown black, and Asian blue-black. Medium to dark brown with ash highlights, silver, white, and salt- and-pepper also are included in the Winter palette.

You cannot be blonde and be a Winter.

They include porcelain white, beige, rosy beige, olive, cool beige, almond, cocoa, mocha, mahogany, and ebony to black with blue or red- dish undertones. If your skin is olive or light black, look closer. At first glance it may appear golden. However, a warm palette will make your eyes appear dull and the skin tone flat, whereas the cool Winter shades will brighten the whites of your eyes, and your skin tone will look healthier and more even-toned.

These eye colors can include black, black brown, and red brown to cool hazel with blue or green.

Color analysis (art) - Wikipedia

A sprinkling of Winters will have dark blue, gray-blue, gray-green, or charcoal eyes. Gray rims around the iris are also a Winter indicator. Her porcelain skin tone, big blue eyes, and dark hair makes Deedee a unique Winter. Susie brought her favorite top for this photo shoot. Her skin is ebony without any brown or bronze. Her skin appears to have an overall sil- ver tone. Summer brown may be light, medium, or dark ash brown and will have ash highlights. Summer gray is either pearly cool gray or gray blonde. Summer blondes will have no gold to their hair, only ash tones.

Many Summers have an overall dusty or muted look. Color Me Beautiful recommends adding contrast to Sum- mer hair with ash highlights. Skin tones range from the lightest porcelain to pale, neutral, or cool beige. Rose beige is also a very common skin tone for Summers. Summers may have pink skin or cheeks. If they have freckles, which is rare, they are charcoal gray or rosy.

The most com- mon Summer eye colors include blue or green with white flecks, gray blue, aqua, blue green, blue gray, gray- ish, or cool hazel with blue or green. In rare cases, a Summer may have a gray rim around her iris. The cool tones of her hair, green eyes, and rosy beige skin tones make her a Summer. These tones include golden brown, rich golden red, and dark warm brown.

Brunette women with a gold or metallic red cast have Autumn coloring. Usually Autumns need to cover their gray because it appears mousy and dull with a yellowish cast. Warm blonde or gold highlights are an excellent way to hide Autumn grays. These undertones will appear more or- ange than blue. Ruddy skin is another possibility. In Autumns, as in Springs, you will find a golden warmth in the iris. The majority of Autumns have a brown, warm hazel with golden brown or green gold tones or have green eyes. Occasionally you will see an Autumn with bright aqua or turquoise blue eyes, and that person generally has red hair.

This is an excellent basic Autumn color. It makes her golden bronze skin glow. Julia wears a light bronzer and warm eye shadow tones with a gold gloss to boost the warm ensemble. Notice how pretty her hair looks lying on her turtleneck. Her brown hair with natural red highlights and warm caramel skin tone complete her total Autumn look. Mature Springs should cover their gray with the hair color of their youth. Spring skin may be creamy ivory, peach, peach beige, or golden beige; it will always have a delicate look. Springs may have a sprinkle of golden or light blonde freckles.

Springs might also have ruddy complexions. Typically Springs and Summers tend to be light-skinned. Springs may also have warm amber, warm hazel with golden brown or green gold tones, blue green, topaz, caramel, or turquoise eyes. There may also be golden flecks around the iris.

Springs do not have deep brown eyes. Notice how her skin glows and the whites of her eyes are very clear and bright in this soft peach top.

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  • Susie has unique coloring. Her green eyes place her on the light side of the warm palette. Autumns, Springs, and Summers would feel drained of all color and appear tired in both black and white. Now that you have compared seasons and looked at the variation in their colors, you can see how shade and in- tensity vary between seasons.

    For instance, Winters and Summers are both cool, but one is dark and the other light. Winter choices would be the darkest, brightest, clearest tones, while Summer would be more muted, softer, and less intense. Winter wears lemon yellow. It is the bright- est, boldest cool color selection, while the Summer yel- low is a softer, lighter lemon yellow.

    This same concept can be brought to the warm palette, Spring and Autumn. Spring yellow is bright golden yellow, whereas Autumn is 51the four seasons Of course, this method can be applied to the other color families as well. If you are pale, you probably have freckles. Have you had your colour analysis years ago, but now feel like your colour has changed over time?

    Your primary colouring remains the same throughout your life, but going grey, colouring your hair or even getting a tan can alter how flattering certain shades appear. As we age, skin and hair begin to lose pigmentation. However, knowing which colour family you belong to can help you to figure out exactly which hues will flatter you.

    Further down, though? Anything goes! A guide to body types and dressing different body shapes well. Read on to find out which shades you should be looking out for. Think light blues, pinks, yellows. Grey and blue hues from pastel blue to navy will also look great. However, yellow-based colours such as orange, tan, mustard, coral and salmon pink are less flattering, and pure white may wash you out, so opt for soft off-white tones instead.

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    Vivid blues, reds and golden yellows will complement your skin tone. Think scarlet red, fuchsia pink, royal blue, emerald green and deep purple. You can also get away with black, charcoal grey, pure white tones and deep purple. However, you should try to steer clear of muted pastels and yellow or orange-toned shades, including rusty browns and brick reds.

    Beige and ivory hues will also flatter. However, icy pastels, deep tones and dusky or muted shades may drain you.