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  1. Who's behind the ‘dark money’ bankrolling our politics?
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For this, significant investment must be made, ensuring that more immigrants receive a university education or technical training. This would require an effort to grow the university sector, increasing the number of taught places available. Public schools might concentrate on teaching basic IT and programming, meaning such skills are learnt by all at an early age, before university.

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Companies too could show more flexibility in who they hire. Furthermore, immigrants can provide a new impetus for the Swedish economy. Future Swedish governments must communicate these facts to their citizens, or face the slow hollowing out of the much-vaunted Nordic model. Please read our comments policy before commenting. Problem is neoliberalism, with its penchant for privatization of public services, has for the past 20 years infected the Swedish school system with all the accompanying social ills.

Private schools are seen as a safe investment for profit-hungry private equity firms. The private school sector is controlled by six private companies.

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The biggest of the six, Academedia, is owned by the venture capital firm, EQT, registered in the tax haven of Guernsey. Academedia has over schools and 45, pupils in Sweden.

Who's behind the ‘dark money’ bankrolling our politics?

Private schools lack libraries, canteens, school playgrounds, etc. The introduction of private schools has increased social and ethnic segregation and an overall decline in standards. Bravo Michael. This speaks to the heart of the problem in all nations. The solution is clear, only inhibited by political motives.

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I need to side with mary. Immigrants are a scapegoat. Neoliberalism of which i was a proponent in my sins 30 years ago is the root cause. Just not the real problem: the growing concentration of more and more power in less and less hands. People feel it and vote their dissatisfaction while the real culprits get away. There was a recent article about inequality in Sweden. Viktor Skyrman, Social Europe, Sep 3rd and other articles. My main point is different to what you say. I am simply demonstrating why the far right has had such success in scapegoating migrants. I make the point that far-right parties are gaining power by a failure of political elites to develop a forceful pro-immigration counter narrative.

This leaves the ground for populists to turn the blame upon migrants for all their ills. The argument is easy to make, especially given the numbers coming in and the decline in western national institutions which has myriad other causes than immigration!!! My discussion centres on the need to better integrate immigrants given that western societies increasingly need them. Per capita, these societies are getting older and need a demographic boost.

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Sweden is a prime example, Germany another — partly why both originally adopted an open doors policy with which, again, I totally agree in principal. Thus, we are in agreement that migrants are wrongly scapegoated. But when you ask far-right voters why they are voting the way they do, immigration is often the first response, alongside other well known topics such as globalisation and neoliberalism. This matter deserves attention. You allude to deeper problems with neoliberalism, or more precisely financialised gloabalised capitalism, and you make a very good point. However, this was not the focus of the article.

Instead, the focus is on the far-right for which the immigration question takes front and centre stage. Click here to cancel reply. Evidence-based analysis and commentary on European politics. Facebook Facebook. What is wrong with the Nordic model? Previous post Next post.

The Myth of Scandinavian Socialism

Mary Wehrheim October 15, at am - Reply. William October 15, at pm - Reply. Eyal October 15, at pm - Reply. Michael, I need to side with mary. Michael Cottakis February 4, at pm - Reply. Hi Eyal, thank you for your comments. Thorning-Schmidt stressed the need for "balanced budgets", something that has not always been favoured by the Nordic left. The social democrats are still competing with the Greens on environmental issues; with social networks when it comes to responsiveness and mobilising support; with populist parties harking back to the welfare state of the past; and rightwing parties borrowing their ideas.

In Sweden , the day after the conference, Conservative leaders responded by publishing an opinion piece criticising aggressive private firms and explaining how they plan to "deploy policies to support the welfare state". This after years of measures to undermine unions and welfare coverage. This article originally appeared in Le Monde.

The Nordic Model of Social Democracy | N. Brandal | Palgrave Macmillan

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