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Tell us about a web accessibility problem. About online privacy and data collection. All rights reserved. Terms and conditions. Toggle navigation. Journal of electroanalytical chemistry and interfacial electrochemistry [electronic resource]. Back 0 Marked Mark Options. Holdings Web. Scholars Portal Journals: Elsevier, to Subjects subject. Chemistry Techniques, Analytical. Electrochemical analysis--Periodicals. Surface chemistry--Periodicals.

More Details title. Bioelectrochemistry and bioenergetics Basel, Switzerland : Journal of electroanalytical chemistry. Journal of electroanalytical chemistry Lausanne, Switzerland. Zein El Abedin, E. Moustafa, F. Endres, J. Elec- both polymerization and doping the cathodic peaks represent the trochem. In order to obtain [5] F. Endres, S. Zein El Abedin, A. Saad, E. Moustafa, N. Borisenko, W. Wallace, D. MacFarlane, P. Newman, A. Bund, Phys. The [6] N. Borisenko, A. Ispas, E. Zschippang, Q. Liu, S. Bund, F. Endres, electrode was then removed from the glove box and rinsed with Electrochim.

Acta 54 The subsequent removal of [7] F. Endres, O. Borisenko, L. Gasparotto, A. Prowald, R. Al-Salman, T. Carstens, R. Atkin, A. Bound, S. Zein El Abedin, Phys. Fedorov, A. Kornyshev, J. B Atkin, G. Warr, J. C Zell, W. Freyland, Langmuir 19 As can be seen, the macroporous structure of the polymer [11] O. Mann, G. Pan, W. Su, Y. Fu, J. Yan, Z. Chen, B. Mao, Angew. We also would like to mention that on the same substrate we [13] B. Clare, P.

Bayley, A. Best, M. Forsyth, D. MacFarlane, Chem. Meiss, M. Rohnke, L. Kienle, S. Zein El Abedin, F. Janek, result of inhomogenities in the electrical field during the electrode- ChemPhysChem 8 A well ordered photonic crystal might require a [15] Y. Xie, C.

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Liu, Plasma Process. Kaneko, K. Baba, T. Harada, R. Hatakeyama, Plasma Process. Saad, H. Farag, N. Borisenko, Q. Liu, F. Endres, Elec- strate. The deposit gives rise to different colours when changing trochim. Acta 52 Sorenson, T.

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Lister, B. Huang, J. Stickney, J. Alanyalioglu, U. Demir, C. Shannon, J. Meng, R. Al-Salman, J. Zhao, N. Borissenko, Y. Li, F. Endres, Angew. Conclusions Ed. Al-Salman, X. Meng, J. Zhao, Y. Li, U. Kynast, M. Lezhnina, F. Endres, Pure In the present paper we have summarized our recent results on Appl.

Prowald, N. Boresinko, S. Power the interfacial electrochemistry of and electrodeposition from ionic Sources Brettholle, O. Mathes, W. Maus-Friedrichs, S. Zein El good candidate for surprises. Krischok, J. Janek, F. Endres, Phys. Barth, H. Brune, G. Ertl, R. Behm, Phys.

Interfacial Phenomena in Electrocatalysis Modern Aspects of Electrochemistry

B 42 Chiang, R. Wilson, P. Lippel, Phys. B 39 In a certain potential [26] V. Repain, J. Berroir, S. Rousset, J. Lecoeur, Appl. Furthermore [27] H. Oka, K. Sueoka, Jpn. Hasegawa, Ph. Avouris, Science Kolb, Prog. The plasmaelectrochem- [30] J. Schneider, D. Kolb, Surf. Tao, S. Lindsay, Surf. Kolb, Andew. Selenium can [33] D. Kolb, J. Schneider, Electrochim. Acta 31 Borisenko, S. Atkin, S. Zein El Abedin, L. Gasparotta, R.

Hayes, N. Borisenko, F. As will [36] R. Al-Salman, S. Our studies on macroporous materials have shown [37] B. Taylor, S. Kauzlarich, G. Delgado, H. Lee, Chem. Gresback, Z. Holman, U. Kortshagen, Appl. Especially for the sake of [39] H. Schock, Appl. Miyamoto, Jpn. Graham, H. Pinkerton, H. Boyd, J. Uzoh, S. Even [43] A.

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Hippel, US Patent no 2,,, Lai, F. Liu, J.

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Li, Z. Zhang, Y. A too fast deposi- [45] J. Kim, M. Chainey, M. El-Aasser, J. Vanderhoff, J. Part A 27 McLaclan, N. Johnson, R. De La Rue, D.

Interfacial electrochemistry

McComb, J. Zhou, X. Zhao, Langmuir 20 Tsai, D. Zhuang, P. Chen, Electrochim. Acta 55 Acknowledgments [49] F.

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Svec, J. Frechet, Science Groenendaal, F. Jonas, D. Freitag, H. Pielartzik, J. Reynolds, Adv.

Doctoral position - Interfacial electrochemistry | EURAXESS Faroe Islands

Jonas, L. Schrader, Synth. Heywang, F. Jonas, Adv. Winter, C.