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  3. Watch live: SpaceX is about to launch its shiny Starhopper rocket ship for the last time
  4. Watch SpaceX's Starhopper Starship Prototype Test-Fire Its Engine for the First Time - jytiqala.cf

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The Jalisco State Attorney General said the group was with two women who haven't yet been identified. I didn't deserve it, either. But he was a great guy. Carlos was a great friend of mine, and I'm sorry.

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The FBI is familiar with the situation, but Pacheco's family said he hasn't spoken to Mexican police about his friend's murder. Pacheco said he's happy to be home and is going to take some time to mentally recover before jumping back into work.

SpaceX Starship Prototype Starhopper Takes Giant Leap 4 Elon Musk's Lifetime Goal of Colonizing Mars

The second camera is on top of a condominium building in South Padre Island, nearly 6 miles away from SpaceX's launchpad. Pointer previously told Business Insider that the feed's slogan was "showing the valley to the future" because "kids in Brownsville need to see what's going on" at SpaceX's launch site. Brownsville, located about 20 miles west of SpaceX's launch site, is one of the most impoverished cities in the US.

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The cameras often switch between views, show live weather and launchpad conditions, and display other information. As another option, Tim Dodd , who runs the Everyday Astronaut channel on YouTube, is also live-streaming a view of the launch site below. The government regulator apparently asked for more hazard analysis prior to granting its launch license , Elon Musk, the company's founder, tweeted on August That analysis was likely performed because Boca Chica Vilage a small community of about 20 people sits within 1.

Here's what it's like to visit. Police canvassed the neighborhood on Saturday night to hand out public safety advisories to residents.

The paper notices that warned of a possible "overpressure event" a blastwave caused by a rapid explosion from SpaceX's experimental launch that could blow out their windows in the event of a major malfunction. The public health and safety notice comes about a month after SpaceX's most recent launch of Starhopper, on July That flight inadvertently ignited a grass fire that burned through more than acres of coastal wildlife refuge , thousands of acres of which surround the launch site and hamlet.

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  • SpaceX has responded to the incident by putting together a better fire-prevention and response plan, according to Bryan Winton, manager of the Lower Rio Grande Valley national wildlife refuge at the US Fish and Wildlife Service. SpaceX is now coordinating more closely with local agencies on its launch plans and fire safety, has installed five new remote-control water cannons on its launchpad to douse flames there used to be only one , is helping perform controlled burns, and more, Winton told Business Insider on Thursday.

    SpaceX is working toward launching a larger prototype, called Starship Mk1, that will use three Raptor rocket engines and be capable of launching from the Texas site, flying around Earth, and landing back there.

    Musk Reads: Nuke Mars, Elon Musk Declares

    The rocket company is also building a similar yet competing prototype in Florida called Starship Mk2. Before SpaceX can launch either rudimentary rocket ship, or any full-scale Starships, the company needs sign-off from the FAA. The launch system is also being designed for full reusability, which may vastly reduce the cost of accessing space. Ars Technica notes that the two teams are competing and collaborating in an effort to accelerate the future ship's development.

    As for the current Starhopper prototype, Musk said in a tweet following the test that a 'm hop [is scheduled] in a week or two. July 25, SpaceX's successful test marks a major step for the company and for Starhopper which has never flown into the air without a tether prior to last night's launch.

    Watch live: SpaceX is about to launch its shiny Starhopper rocket ship for the last time

    Ultimately, Musk hopes that the company's Starship could help humans reach Mars for the first time and has set an optimistic timeline for when the experimental craft might be able to do so. The first crewed Red Planet mission for the rocket and passenger Starship could come as early as the mids if development and testing go well, Musk has said. Additional missions may even include tourists trips to the moon by , according to the CEO. Completing a successful mission to the moon would also mark an incremental step in Musk's other vision of traveling to Mars.

    Watch SpaceX's Starhopper Starship Prototype Test-Fire Its Engine for the First Time - jytiqala.cf

    The SpaceX CEO said the rocket would take its first trip to the red planet in , carrying only cargo, followed by a manned mission in and claimed other SpaceX's products would be 'cannibalised' to pay for it. The rocket would be partially reusable and capable of flight directly from Earth to Mars. Once built, Musk believes the rocket could be used for travel on Earth - saying that passengers would be able to get anywhere in under an hour.