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  1. The secrets of Harry Bright
  2. Death, Debauchery, and Discord in….Palm Springs?
  3. THE SECRETS OF HARRY BRIGHT | Joseph Wambaugh | First Edition; First Printing

Skickas inom vardagar. Laddas ned direkt. Raucous cops, outlaw bikers, and suntanned celebrities collide in a steamy landscape swirling with natural beauty and unnatural death.

The secrets of Harry Bright

Seventeen months ago the California desert revealed the remains of Jack Watson. The rich man's son was found incinerated in a Rolls-Royce, a bullet in his head. Now, a year and a half later, Los Angeles Police Department homicide detective Sidney Blackpool is called into the desert to take on the case. But what begins for Blackpool as an investigation sandwiched between golf games in nearby Palm Springs quickly becomes an obsession. For the savage beauty of the wastelands holds many secrets. Secrets that stir up Blackpool's long-suppressed nightmares of his own son's death.

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Secrets that threaten to destroy an entire police department. Secrets that, by rights, should remain forever buried by the wind in the ageless desert sands. In this riveting novel, bestselling author Joseph Wambaugh jolts our emotions while entertaining us with his special brand of bawdy, beautiful, dark humor. The novel, set in and around Palm Springs, California , savages a wealthy "occasional home" mentality characterized by golf, excessive drinking and drug use, and discriminatory country clubs.

Wambaugh draws contrasts by depicting the fictional Mineral Springs, a small wind-swept desert town populated not just by blue-collar tourist industry workers, but "ex-cons, bikers, crank dealers, Palm Springs burglars, nudists, robbers and pimps, horny kite pilots, dopers and drunks. The Secrets of Harry Bright first appeared on the New York Times best seller list on October 6, , ranked 15th, and rose as high as 5th.

Death, Debauchery, and Discord in….Palm Springs?

It spent a total of 17 weeks on the list. As with his other novels beginning with The Black Marble , Wambaugh spins his tale from numerous points of view, but has as its central character and protagonist a competent, middle aged but dissipated detective sergeant whose age and police experience mirror that of Wambaugh himself, and where he likely would have been had he not resigned from the LAPD. Wambaugh introduces a new psychological theme in The Secrets of Harry Bright , that of the relationship of fathers and sons, exploring it as a sub-theme to those of burnout and police suicide that characterized his previous novels.

He uses as a vehicle for this what he describes as the "unnatural perversion" of sons dying before their fathers, which has affected three key figures in his story. Although a murder whodunit , the plot is secondary to the gradual revelation of its central character, Sidney Blackpool.

THE SECRETS OF HARRY BRIGHT | Joseph Wambaugh | First Edition; First Printing

The Los Angeles Police Department informs him that they have developed a new lead in a notorious, unsolved Palm Springs homicide in which the body was found in Solitaire Canyon, a notorious biker hangout within Mineral Springs. While Paco unenthusiastically prepares for a visit by an LAPD homicide team, desert rat drunkard Beavertail Bigelow, the object of a prank by one of Paco's cops, stumbles across an antique ukulele in the desert that will become a key piece of evidence in the renewed investigation.

Sidney Blackpool is invited to the corporate office of high tech industrialist Victor Watson, whose son Jack was the victim in the Palm Springs homicide. Over drinks, Watson tells Blackpool he pulled strings with LAPD to arrange for Blackpool to investigate a new lead that tenuously ties the case to Blackpool's jurisdiction in Hollywood. Blackpool suspects that the lead is a pretext to draw in the resources of LAPD after both Palm Springs and the Federal Bureau of Investigation failed to solve the case.

Watson knows that Blackpool's son died at approximately the same time, and using that to engage his sympathies, persuades Blackpool to work the case as part of an expenses-paid golf vacation for himself and his partner, Otto Stringer, in Palm Springs. His inducement is a suggested promise of a retirement job for Blackpool as head of security for Watson Industries.

During the search for the missing Jack Watson, Officer O. Jones of Mineral Springs PD became lost in the desert, where he accidentally became a witness in the investigation, and in finding the lost O. Jones, other officers found the victim's body in a burned out car. While O.

ISBN 10: 0688059589

Jones tries to unravel his delerium recollections of a song he overhead being sung at the crime scene, other officers confiscate the ukulele, which Bigelow has sold to another desert rat, as the weapon used in a domestic violence case. Their investigation starts slowly, as both are more interested in vacation amenities than work. After a visit to the Watson house, where they interview the live-in "houseboy", Harlan Penrod, and then a phone call to the Palm Springs PD, the investigation picks up speed as both conclude that a kidnapping was highly unlikely and try to figure out why Jack Watson would have gone to Solitaire Canyon.

Harlan provides a photo of Jack with a possible suspect. Jones's memory.