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  2. “The Indian Serenade”
  3. Serenade on Five English Poems
  4. California Serenade: Inspirational Poetry by Samanthi Fernando, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

Poetry as cosmology, as echolocation, as what you want to read when you are sick of TV I can only read Shakespeare when I am sick of TV. As faith in empiricism; because we experience language, even the best abstractions are empirical. Not can poetry matter but poetry is matter. Because maybe we've been wrong about it all—how wonderful!

I write now with apples outside, dusk. I want to say I am looking through the peel of a hollowed apple.

A Serenade - Poem by Sir Walter Scott

I think of an orb made of pennies stuck together with invisible tape. I want to write books that will thrill you in a used book store in ten years. New American Poets. A Happy Book, or: Orb Made of Many Pennies and Invisible Tape My poetics is simple: I think we should employ the full capacity or a limited capacity, fully of both language and the world, like a walk with a smart friend does. I left the museum. Ann was sick. There were shoes all along the bridge, and the senseless branching of ambulance sirens: one going west on Henderson, another east.

Technicolor weather. A man in white coveralls was carrying a traffic cone over his head, he was an Elmer's glue tube.

“The Indian Serenade”

In the painting of terns on rigging, when you remove the terns from the rigging, there is only canvas behind, not sky. Ann vomited off the bridge, the way a single page can slide from its binding. It became harder for me to read on in the biography, knowing there is no part of the body a bullet hasn't pierced. I worked in a chowder house and got to bring home all the innards we extracted from bread bowls. I had a friend who was a trumpet player who'd come home from a show and, sleepless, play more.

His apartment was so small, his trumpet stuck into the alley.

Serenade on Five English Poems

Shivering across the pane, drooping tear-wise, And softly patters by, like little fearing feet. Faith—this weather! The feathery ash is fluttered; there upon the pane,— The dying fire casts a flickering ghostly beam,— Then closes in the night and gently falling rain. Faith—what darkness! Djuna Barnes. Djuna Barnes Moonrise Will you glimmer on the sea?

California Serenade: Inspirational Poetry by Samanthi Fernando, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

Will you fling your spear-head On the shore? What note shall we pitch? We have a song, On the bank we share our arrows— The loosed string tells our note: O flight, Bring her swiftly to our song. She is great, We measure her by the pine-trees. Academy of American Poets Educator Newsletter. Teach This Poem. Uyaone mato ukivua kulla yambo liwe wazi wazi, kulla yambo yema kutendee kwa fadhili zakwe muwawazi, kwa fadhili zakwe la rehema ziwawao mfano wa mwezi. Lyndon Harries. This site opens a window on something that will be new to most people, namely, the vast amount of superb poetry hidden away in the different languages spoken in Africa … More.

Nikwambike mkufu na shangwe la dhahabu kazi ya Shirazi; kuwakie nyumba kuu nyeupe ya tokaa na mawe ya kazi; Kupambie kjwa zombo za kowa wao wao wanike maunzi; wakangange wangoi wanana wa uziwa wa Shaka na Ozi.

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Lyndon Harries Footnotes Swahili houses were substantial buildings, with walls of dressed coral-rock. The windows of the upper storey, would often open on a balcony overlooking the roadway. In this version, the suitor seems to have climbed like Romeo to the balcony, addressing the lady through the window. Shiraz : A city in the south west of Iran, known since ancient times as a place of poets, musicians and craftsmen. Ashlar is a type of masonry used as facing material, here burnished white with lime.

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