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I pulled up my very wet jeans, got hastily composed and went to leave the booth. I stepped out just as Mr. Big Cock did from his booth. We looked at each other. He walked out of the booth section ahead of me.

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As I headed for the exit door and he was several feet ahead of me, he turned and stepped up behind the raised counter. I knew I had recognized him.

I hope to see you in here again. I no longer felt bad about the puddle I left on the booth floor from squirting, now knowing the guy mopping is the same one that helped make the mess. Once back in my car, I returned the mask to its hiding place, chugged some spring water and popped a few tic tacs into my mouth. Jenny Visits A Gloryhole. More cheating wife stories you might enjoy. I tend to stay out of the… Read Story.

Glory Hole Hubby: A Cuckold's Story

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