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The abacus is typically constructed of various types of hardwoods and comes in varying sizes.

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The frame of the abacus has a series of vertical rods on which a number of wooden beads are allowed to slide freely. A horizontal beam separates the frame into two sections, known as the upper deck and the lower deck. Beads are considered counted, when moved towards the Beam— the piece of the abacus frame that separates the two decks.

After 5 beads are counted in the lower deck, the result is "carried" to the upper deck; after both beads in the upper deck are counted, the result 10 is then carried to the left-most adjacent column.

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The right-most column is the ones column; the next adjacent to the left is the tens column; the next adjacent to the left is the hundreds column, and so on. Floating point calculations are performed by designating a space between 2 columns as the decimal-point and all the rows to the right of that space represent fractional portions while all the rows to the left represent whole number digits.

Your browser does not support Java. The Java version of the abacus is a limited simulation of the real device because the fingering technique is completely obfuscated by the mouse.

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Abacus Apps on touch-screen tablets are better simulations. With a real abacus, constant practice is indispensable in achieving virtuosity in calculating speed. With the Japanese version, only the index finger and thumb are used.

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The beads are moved up with the thumb and down with the index finger. However, certain complex operations require that the index finger move beads up; e.


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